The History of Underwater Photography
and Cinematography in Italy

Author Alberto Romeo
Editor La Mandragora, Imola 2009
Pages. 430 with 253 pictures B/W
Double language: Italian and English

Price € 30



A comprehensive Italian underwater photo-cinematographic history has never been published. This volume considers the important events from its beginning in 1930's until the 1980’s, chronologically related year by year and provided with more 250 vintage images in  over 400 pages.
The author Alberto Romeo, have grouped chronologically the various events that considered to be the most important and interesting for each year adding for each decade both a general comment and a monograph.
The accounts are very precise and often come directly from the participants own mouths, people who have honoured the Author with their friendship.
In the years around World War II the Author have gone into depth from a purely historical point of view: the X Flottiglia MAS Gamma Group and the role that this military body had in the
development of Italian underwater sport in the postwar years, trying to insert those underwater events into an historical context for that period, which is the real point of departure for contemporary underwater sport history.

The author Alberto Romeo, is an underwater sport’s doctor and a photojournalist specializing in marine biology, he is considered a pioneer of underwater photography in Italy. In the early 1970’s one of his pictures was chosen by Nikon to advertise their new underwater camera, the Calypso/Nikkor II, then he began to publish his articles and photographs in u/w magazines: “MondoSommerso”, “Il Subacqueo”, and “SUB”. In 1973 he founded the G.R.O. SUB. (Underwater Team of Researchers and Photographers) that served as President for 20 years, which grew into one of the largest Italian Clubs of underwater images, today he is Honorary-Founding President. His photos have been also published in countless publications and displayed in many institutions around the world like in New York at American Museum of Natural History, in Antibes at Festival Mondial de l’Image Sous-Marine, in the Darwin Building of Edinburgh University, in Arlington at National Science Foundation, in Durban at World Parks Congress on Aquatic Protected Areas, in Al-Khobar at Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Center for Science and Technology, in Tokio at Marine Mammal Center, in Lisboa and at Azores at Centro Portugues des Actividades Subacuáticas. In 1980 he founded the International Festival of Underwater Images, in Palermo, and served as Artistic Director for 13 years. In 1984 he was the first Italian champion of underwater photography; the C.M.A.S. (World Underwater Federation) ranked him in the world’s Top-Ten Underwater Photographers from 1987 to 1990. Romeo represented Italy in many international contests including in Maldives World Underwater
Championship in the 1985 (not contested), in the Red Sea “International Blue Aqaba” in 1986, in the Mediterranean “World Cup” in Ustica in 1989. He has won more than 100 prizes in underwater photography.

In the 1980’s, dr Romeo published some books: Medicina Subacquea, which focused on underwater medicine; Fotosub, about underwater photography tecniques with a short history of underwater photography in all the world. His most recent book, about the history of Underwater Photography in Italy (History & Stories of Italian underwater photo-cinematography, biographies of the protagonists seen from close-up) was published in 2005; the same year he won the coveted Golden Trident Award of Ustica from the International Underwater Academ

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