This old wreck is the first of this type found (1982) and photographed underwater in all the world . It were in Mediterraneo sea, in the west side of Sicily near Marsala city.
It is of the period of arabic-norman domination of Sicily XI-XII sec p.C.n.. I and my team save many anphores from thieves,and I keep photos . Now the anphores are in the “Baglio Anselmi Museum “ in Marsala city.


The italian ship “CAPUA” was sunk by a english torpedo from a submariner in 1945 in Mediterraneo sea near Castellammare del Golfo city in nord-west side of Sicily. It lies entire in about 135 feet mud depth. It is a difficoult dive because there is current and sometimes sharks !



The libanese ship “CEDAR PRIDE “ was buy and sunk by giordan goverment for turistic’s underwater aims in the Gulf of Aqaba in Red sea.
It lies entire in about 75 feet depth on coral reef. It is very beatiful !



The italian ship “MINERVA” sink in rocks of Pantelleria island in the south of Mediterraneo sea by a sea-storm. It is broken in many parts and lies in about 15 feet deep. Near the coast.



The italian ship “UMBRIA” self -sink the first day of the 2 world war because it was in english territory in Sudan near Port Sudan in Red sea .
It lies entire in a reef very low, some structures come out from the sea level ! It is very iteresting